Digital Marketing Strategy


1- Consider the digital space as a

It is proposed to consider it not as a digital media or channel, but as a space that would combine several places (sites, blogs, social networks …) and interconnected by roads (RSS, affiliate, links …). The brand can thus invest the scene of this virtual space with a global e-marketing strategy.

2- Four key issues for its digital strategy

Can transpose to this virtual space that is known to within a physical space, four structuring questions:

What I want to do on the Internet? Notoriety, image, prospecting, sales …?

My clients and prospects are they there? And in which places in particular?

What are their uses on the Internet? What are their motivations? How does the Internet in their buying journey and consumption?

What are their decision criteria?

3- Use the mobile as a bridge between the virtual and the real

If the space is a digital, mobile is visualized as a bridge between the online Internet space and physical space offline. For the mobile accompanying individuals everywhere and permanently, facilitates access to Internet anytime and anywhere. This is especially true with smartphones and can rethink its mobile marketing strategy.

4- Develop a draft global architecture

In this digital space, it is proposed to build a global project around different places to invest, including:

The website, which has a function of “seat” of the brand or shop. It conveys a rather lasting image.

The ephemeral site, corresponding to a communication campaign to event type.

The mobile site rather for shortcut access to products or services.

The blog to reflect the opinions, views, expertise.

The microblogging, dedicated to the news feed.

  1. Understand the use of digital

The digital helps develop a marketing influence, including through Social Media, but not only. Therefore, understanding the uses of the Internet provides a global vision:

  1. Understand the motivations of Internet use

These motivations are four in number:

Searching for information: via Google, Wikipedia, forums, blogs …

Relationship: MSN, Facebook, Linkedin …

Consumption: buying ecommerce free to watch videos on YouTube or reading blogs.Production or participation: bloggers, gamers, or active consumers.

  1. Know the crowded places and paths

The aim is “to trace beautiful roads”, easy to find and use, with good signs to bring the Internet to places invested by the brand.

8- Answering decision criteria Internet

With experience, users enjoy for themselves the quality of the emitting source, including criteria such as transparency, expertise, credibility. To build a credible strategy influences the content delivered is important both in the background (precision, expertise …) and in form (design, look & feel, ease of navigation …).

9- To arbitrate and prioritize

Quantitative criteria (Internet business impact) or qualitative (affinity with the Internet) provide evidence of the interest of a digital strategy, its implementation or development. but another important point to consider: the Internet’s impact on the business model of the company. The classic marketing strategy questions must be asked: what are the issues facing the company, what its growth drivers, how Digital Marketing Services In Lahore-Pakistan the web and the mobile can contriber at company business?

10- A digital strategy around the customer journe The digital strategy must think globally in terms of brand strategy and not a series of operational actions on particular media. It must be “customer focused” and for that move around the customer experience, to match the actions of the brand with the stages through which passes the consumer, before and after purchase.





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