Blog Strategy

The popularity of social media tend to relay the blog in the background of e-marketing strategy of some companies. The latter prefer to invest in such a Facebook page at the expense of their blog or website. Facebook appears to them as the ideal place to develop their professional activity due to several reasons: a large consumer market, free and ease of use of the platform, word-of-mouth etc …


However, the blog has undeniable advantages over social media. I do not intend to raise the question of the choice between the blog and social media. I think that on the contrary, companies are well advised to use the intrinsic benefits of each medium in order to increase the effectiveness of their e-marketing strategy. But I want to explain why the blog should be the focus of your efforts on social media.

Today, I propose you to discover what are the 9 reasons to use your blog as a pillar of your social media strategy. Your blog is your

Your blog belongs to your company. It has a unique address you have registered with an accredited provider. You are responsible for its content, for better or for worse. Your blog can not be disabled or deleted as is the case for your social profiles or your professional pages. Professional SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM Services in Pakistan

Moreover, as you are at home, you set your rules and you do not suffer those of another company. This feature puts you away from decisions that could negatively affect your business. This would for example be the case if you sell products on Facebook through a Facebook application and decided that tomorrow he was no longer possible to create tabs for this type of activity on its platform.